Honeywell XCD Sensepoint Fixed Gas detection

Technical Specifications
– Input Voltage Range: 12 to 32VDC (24VDC nominal)
– Max Power Consumption: Maximum power consumption is dependent on the type of
gas sensor being used.
– Electrochemical cells = 3.7W, IR = 3.7W and catalytic = 4.9W
– Maximum inrush current = 800mA at 24VDC
– Current Output Relays: Sink or source
– 3 x 5A@250VAC. Selectable normally open or normally closed (switch) and
energized/de-energised (programmable)

– Alarm relays default normally open/de-energized. Fault relay default normally
– Communication: RS485, MODBUS RTU (Optinal)


Overview: Honeywell Sensepoint XCD has remote monitoring capabilities for its toxic and Oxygen sensors. Remote control capabilites offers excellent flexibility of use and is an ideal solution for hard-to-reach locations or areas where the transmitter needs to be separate from the sensor. Sensepoint XCD provides a robust monitoring solution even in challenging environments where detection is difficult.

It's easy to use with a simple plug in sensor into the bottom of the transmitter and the transmitter automatically configures. This enables one-man, non-intrusive operation and reduces routine maintenance time and costs.


– All-in-one gas monitoring solution
– Proven SurecellTM electrochemical sensors
– Global approvals