Honeywell RAEGuard 3 fixed Gas detector

Technical Specifications
– Input voltage: 16~32VDC (rated: 24VDC)
– Maximum power consumption: Electrochemistry: 5.5W; Catalytic combustion/NDIR,
– Current output: Standard fully configurable 4-20mA (source type), optional carrier
independent HART 7.2 output (optional)
– Relays: 3 x 2A@30VDC. Selectable normally open or normally closed and
energised/de-energised(programmable) and latch/non-latch Alarm relays default
energised/non-latch. Fault relay default energised/non-latch
– Communication: RS485, Modbus RTU, Optional Bluetooth


Model No : Honeywell – RAEGuard 3

Overview Rae guard 3 provides users with safer, more stable, more reliable and more effective field transmitter, and can be applied in indoor and outdoor hazardous environments, to monitor the dangerous degree of hazardous gases in real time, so as to rapidly and effectively protect.

– Wider compensation for temperature and environmental factors keeps the instrument
reliable and stable
– Redundant design to ensure no false alarm

– Clear indications of status can perceive the degree of environmental hazards even at
long distances
– Optional integrated visible and sound alarm, light and sound constantly remind, alarm
signal will not be ignored
– Optional built-in surge protection device to make sure outdoor installation of worryfree