Honeywell FSL100 Flame Detector

Technical Specifications
– FSL100 Flame Detector types FSL100-UV, FSL100-UVIR and FSL100-IR3; Choice of
red or white housings
– Range 110 ft /35 m (IR3), 25 m/80 ft (UV, UV/IR) alarming within 10 seconds to a 1
ft2(0.1 m2)n-heptane fire
– Cone of vision 90°minimum horizontal and vertical
– Power 10-28 VDC (12-24 VDC nominal)
-Local LEDs:
• Continuous green: normal operation
• Continuous yellow: fault
• Flashing yellow: Fault and guide to repeat self-test after a self-test failure
• Continuous red: alarm
– Start up times :- <10 sec

– Alarm response time : 8 to 30 sec
– Alarm output settings : Selectable LEDs and relays latching/non-latching; factory
setting: latching
– Automatic & manual Self-Test : Automatic Sensor Test (built in Self-Test) and manual


Model No : Honeywell- FSL-100

FSL100 Flame Detectors with simple installation, set-up and operation enables simple
coverage of fire hazard areas across many fire hazard applications. FSL-100 detects
wide range of Hydrocarbon & Non-Hydrocarbon fires. It has Wide viewing angle, Fast
response and can be installed indoors or outdoors and in Hazardous areas typically
looking into a Zone 1 area from a distance.
– UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detectors to cover a wide range of applications
– Robust, simple to install & set-up; Wide angle and fast speed of response
– Automatic test and test lamps for simple check and maintenance