Honeywell Multi Rae Lite Pumped Model No – Multi Rae Lite upto Six Sensors.

Technical Specifications

SIZE – Pumped model: 7.6” H x 3.8” W x 2.6” D (193 x 96.5 x 66 mm)

– Diffusion model: 6.9” x 3.8” x 2.2” (175 x 96.5 x 56 mm)
– WEIGHT – Pumped model: 31 oz (880 g) – Diffusion model: 26.8 oz (760g)
– SENSORS :- Over 25 intelligent interchangeable field-replaceable sensors including
PID for VOCs, electrochemical sensors for toxic gases and oxygen, combustible LEL
and NDIR
sensors, and CO2 NDIR sensor
– Rechargeable Li-ion ~12-hr. (pumped)/18-hr. (diffusion) runtime, < 6-hr. recharge time
– Extended duration Li-ion ~18-hr. (pumped)/28-hr. (diffusion) runtime, < 9-hr. recharge
– Alkaline adapter with 4 x AA batteries ~6-hr. (pumped)/8-hr. (diffusion) runtime
– DISPLAY :- Monochrome graphical LCD display (128 x 160) with backlighting.
Automatic screen “flip” feature
– DISPLAY READOUT :- Real-time reading of gas concentrations; PID measurement
gas and correction factor; ManDown Alarm on/off; visual compliance indicator; battery
status; datalogging on/off; wireless on/off and reception quality.- STEL, TWA, peak, and
minimum values
– KEYPAD BUTTONS Automatic with AutoRAE 2 Test and Calibration System3 or
– SAMPLING :- Built-in pump or diffusion


– Multi-gas monitor for 1-6 gases
– Pumped and diffusion models available
– Man down alarm
– More than 25 different chemical sensors
– Fully automatic bump testing and calibration
– Real-time access to readings at central command- Swap out sensors as needed
– Simple maintenance with replaceable sensors, pump, and battery
– 5-way local and remote wireless alarm
– Multi-language capability – up to 18 languages
– Device Management with Honeywell Sotera™ Express